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crazy cat lady, theater-maniac, makeup and nail polish collector

I take care of the webshop, Nailmail's social media sites, the orders, the phone, and I communicate with our partners. If you contact us, it's almost 100% sure that I'll be the one to answer you.

A lot of good things have happened to me, but there have been a lot of bad too, unfortunately. When I've touched the bottom, I've had to possibilities: I either destroy, or I produce. I'll get lost forever or I'll be happy. I've chosen happiness.
I wanted to surround myself with things that I'm passionate about - and nail polishes are just like that. Nail polishes make me happy, and my purpose is to make you happy with every bottle you order from us.

Everywhere I go, a little chaos shows up sooner or later, but a lot of ideas and emotions turn up too. Drama is my basic element.
My favorite nail polishes are the reds, burgundies and greens.

Fair trade, equal opportunity and a lot other idealistic notions are really important to me. I have a degree in liberal arts, but I also know one thing or two about creating websites and marketing.

I'm really grateful for my loved ones - even to the ones who aren't with me anymore - for helping to fulfil my dream, creating Nailmail.

My own blog: lanyossarok.hu
My Instagram profile: instagram.com/tulapasztellen
My Twitter: twitter.com/tulapasztellen

Mátépurring and scratching supervisor

choosy, good sleeper, easily frightened

He lives with us since January 2015. The only reason he likes nail polishes is that he can bite my toes without getting any patting or stroking while I'm painting my nails.
Unlike lots of cats, he likes bags more than boxes. He only sits in boxes when he wants to jump out of them for fun.
He loves sweets, olives, sweet corn and ribbons.

It's no coincidence that Nailmail's birthday is on 1st October: Máté's been born that day two years ago.

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