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Baphomet's Berserker

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The legend of Midian is an old tale that permeates through many histories that all tell of different fates. Regardless of its current existence, its origin appears to not be in dispute. This leaves many to search for its location with some vastly differing motives, though all tend to be dark in nature. Midian is said to be a city built built by the god, Baphomet, as a safe haven for those considered to be the monsters of this world. Even the beings that we refer to as monsters had monsters of their own which are also contained in Midian - the Berserkers. These hulking brutes are a pile of blackened armour and brute strength backed by a madness feared by their own kind, and the latest rumours of Midian's existence speak of a battle in an old cemetery with the towns local police that was ultimately and definitively ended by the unleashing of these hulking brutes. Our Naileontologists have long been searching for Midian themselves and believe they may have found the long discarded cemetery where the incident took place. While no evidence of Midian has yet been found, a fragment of a Beserkers armour was discovered at the site, becoming the first true evidence that the myth of Midian is real! We have this stunning piece now on display in our Museum of Naileontology! Be sure to grab your piece of monster history at the gift shop as you leave! They make great Halloween presents!

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