The Museum of Nailentology

Blood of Knossos

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If the legends surrounding the era of King Minos' rule over Crete are to be believed, then it was a time of heroics involving winged horses, Minotaur's, Harpies and Griffins. However, an artifact excavated from the Minoan Palace of Knossos may give some truth to one of these stories. The statue of the Snake Goddess that was unearthed calls on many possible connections to the tales of Medusa. One of those connections is that the alter that the statue was removed from has begun bleeding green in its absence, and anyone who comes into contact with this blood is turned to stone. Our Naileontologists have managed to safely extract some of this deadly blood and have it ready for display in our Museum of Naileontology! Our own version of the blood has been bottled up for you to purchase in our gift shop, but don't fear because our version is entirely safe of any life threatening side effects as well as being cruelty free and vegan friendly!

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