The Museum of Nailentology

Fossil of the Death Worm

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Eroding canyons are always a good place for a budding Naileontologist to get a glimpse of the land and its creatures over many millions of years, and a valley through Nevada near the town of Perfection was as good as any to try and discover a new dinosaur in the name of the museum! What they found though was something well beyond our current knowledge. A fossil of what appears to be a giant carnivorous worm was discovered that pre-dates all current fossil records, possibly making them a couple of billion years old. These giant worms appeared to have spikes that could help push them through the loose soil of the valley's floor, with mouths big enough to swallow a present day man whole. The valley would have no doubt been one giant smorgasbord when these creatures ruled the under-Earth! Check out this fascinating fossil in our Museum of Naileontology today, and be sure to grab your own replica before you leave!

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