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Ichi Hanami

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The practice of Hanami is a Japanese tradition that is many centuries old. It is a celebration centered around elaborate viewings of their much respected cherry blossoms (sakura) during their first blooms of the season. The cherry blossoms are sacred since they are considered to carry the souls of the mountain gods down to the humans. The people began to transplant the trees from the mountains down to the villages and around their rice paddies so that the mountain deity could travel down on the petals of the falling blossoms and bless their crops. It is on this original visit, the first Hanami, that the deity announced its presence to the Emperor in the form of a glowing cherry blossom that never dims. Lost to theives over the decades, our Naileontologists have discovered it's whereabouts and returned it for all to enjoy in our Museum of Naileontology. You can continue to enjoy it as you pick up your own glowing replica from our gift store!

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