The Museum of Nailentology

The Crimson Pearl

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Contained within the head of an ancient staff, the Crimson Pearl allows its holder to summon the sea demon,Bakull, but only after an individual has been sacrificed to the beast. When an evil warrior discovers the staff, he steals away a girl betrothed to the royal family's prince and takes her to an alter by the sea with the deadliest of intentions. The prince, in chase of his betrothed, arrives just as Bakull emerges to witness his bloody gift. The prince threw his sword at the staff, shattering the Crimson Pearl into pieces that fall back into the ocean. Bakull turned on the evil warrior, allowing the prince to save his future queen. Our Naileontologists have scoured the ocean floor to retrieve the pieces of the Crimson Pearl, which can now be viewed in our museum! Be sure to grab your souvenirs for you and all your family from our gift store!

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