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The Singing Seed

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Some time ago, a retired construction worker came to the museum with a collection of large seeds he was hoping to have identified by our Naileontologists. Though he found them at a demolition site he had been working on in lower Manhattan, they appeared to be either very foreign or very old, potentially both, and he had no luck in making any grow. Our Naileontologists had been rather stumped themselves, unable to identify their origin or make them grow for several years. Suddenly, one of the plants sprouted during a solar eclipse, revealing a carnivorous plant of the fly trap variety with the incredible ability to sing! These stunning plants can turn any mood or situation into a song and are quite clever with prompting you for a bit of food! Though we still haven't discovered their origin, we've put these lovely little vocalists in the interactive children's exhibition and made them available for you to buy in the gift store. Why not grab one for yourself to help cheer up your home?

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