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The portal, data from users in treatment using the site complies with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. The shop operator confidentially and secretly manages the billing and shipping information does not provide, just use the web to function. The customer data store for performance of the contract and the terms of the contract in the future to prove, but they are not passed on to commercial use for any other purpose - in the absence of explicit consent of the customer - are not eligible.
The purchaser expressly prohibiting any provision of permissible given at registration and postal address. Send e-mail information about promotions and news.
The relevant laws: the 1992 LXIII. Law and the Protection of Information of Public Interest Disclosure of personal data; 1998 VI. During Protection Act of individuals' personal data processing machine; 2001 XL. Law on Telecommunications; 2001 CVIII. Law on Electronic Commerce, as well as certain aspects of information society services.
We are handling data, the information is kept for 10 years.
damages resulting from the use of passwords used by the portal when using transfer or any unauthorized person liable for the owner of the password.
All data, information and site design that are on the site and the web shop is located in the structure of the page, it appears in the site's operator, is the exclusive property of the owner. without the contribution of these elements Assignment legal consequences of infringement of the copyright act.
The issues not regulated by these terms and conditions, as well as the legal relationship between the parties CVIII 2001 of the Civil Code, the e-commerce services. Law 45/2014 on distance contracts concluded between. (II. 26.) Government. The provisions of the Regulation shall apply.
The Contracting Parties shall do everything possible to ensure that any contentious questions through negotiations, peaceful settlement. If a negotiated solution has not been possible to resolve the dispute, the Nyíregyháza Court (Address: 4401 Nyíregyháza, PO Box 86, Address:. 4400, Bocskai út 2, phone: + 36-42 / 523-800, Fax: + 36-42 / 410-039 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) settled.
Nyíregyháza, 22 September 2016.

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