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Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Terms of Service
This document is not filed, it will be concluded by electronic means only, does not constitute a written contract does not refer to a code of conduct.
The webshop operation, we are at the disposal of specified contact us in case of ordering and delivery process in connection with emerging issues.
the scope of these Terms and Conditions at their website (http://nailmail.hu/) extend relationships. Http://nailmail.hu/ the product order page is happening.
The present GTC is constantly available from the following website: http://nailmail.hu/aszf
1. The data provider:
The service name: nailmail.hu website, Ruzsilla Arabella individual entrepreneur
The service provider also based in complaint management and place: 4400, May 1 Square 13/4.
The service availability, access to liaise with customers for regularly used e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tax number: 67750898-1-35
Name Registry licensing authority: SZ.- SZ.- County Court B.
Mobile: 06-30-470-18-27
The contract is written in Dutch or English
name, phone number, address, e-mail address of the web hosting provider:
MediaCenter Hungary Kft., 76 / 506-618, 6000, Shostakovich u. 3. II / 6. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2. Basic provisions
2.1. questions in these Rules are not regulated, and the interpretation of these Rules of the Hungarian law, the Act specifically with regard to the Civil Code 2013 V ( "Civil Code.") and electronic commerce services, 2001 on certain aspects of information society services . CVIII. on detailed rules for contracts (to avoid. tv.) Act as well as the consumer and the business 45/2014. the relevant provisions of Regulation (II. 26.) Government.. mandatory provisions of applicable law, the parties to govern without the special clause.
2.2. The present Rules shall remain in force and withdrawal force on the first day of October 2016. The operator is entitled to unilaterally change the rules. The amendments to the provider of websites publish eleven days before their entry into force. The users accept the use of the websites that to them all the regulations regarding the use of the websites is automatically valid.
2.3. The user when entering operated by the Service shop, webshop web pages, or read its contents in any way - even if you are not a registered user of the web shop, the rules contained in those bound by itself. If the user does not accept these terms, please do not use the site because they are not authorized to view the content of the web shop.
2.4. The service retains all rights to the website, any of its details and the content displayed on the map as well as the dissemination of the web with respect. Download prohibited content or any installment on the webshop, electronic storage, processing and sales without the written consent of the provider. The service contributes to its pre-transition data downloading, storing, ordering the goods that are necessary and this website provides a legal option, ie .: Download Basket content, products, print, download background materials, etc.
2.5. The parties or electronically. in writing, by fax concluded contract is a written contract.
2.6. The contract documents: the customer purchase offer (order) and the confirmation of service. For over 48 hours of confirmation of the lack of customer purchase is subject to contract automatically terminated.
2.7. The buyer's payment obligation arises where, following the confirmation of the order will be delivered! This fact the order is finalized at a special draw customers' attention. "A mutual agreement and consistent legal declaration of the parties, which shall become the service fulfillment and service demand rights." [2013th Sun TV per year. 6:58. § subsection (1).]
3. Registration / purchase
3.1. The user of the website declares purchase / registration, to present GTC and conditions for further briefings on the website to know and accept, the data will contribute to treatments.
3.2. The user is required to enter your real information during the purchase / registration. In case you entered during the purchase / registration untruthful or other personally identifiable information in the resulting electronic contract null and void. Service excludes its responsibility if the user uses the data of another person on behalf of the other services.
3.3. The service can be traced back to a user erroneously and / or incorrectly entered data, delivery delays and other problems of any kind is not responsible for errors.
3.4. The service provider is not liable for damages resulting from when the user forgets the password, or intruders any reason not attributable to the service becomes available.
4. The scope of products Stock
4.1. The displayed products can only be ordered online.
4.2. The webshop service detailing displays
- Product name (parameters for other identifiable)
- Product brand,
- Description of the product, the most important data, characteristics,
- A product photo (photos)
The product data sheet of the images displayed may differ from reality, as an illustration of a post. We are not responsible for the image that appears on the web shop and dissimilarity due to actual appearance of the product.
5. The price of products
Prices displayed in forints or euros Prices do not include delivery charges.
If the sale price is introduced, the service users are fully informed about the action and the exact duration.
The products are billed automatically on the price when shopping stack that already has received or promotional discounts.
If the service despite the care taken by the wrong price on the web surface, particularly with regard to the manifestly wrong, for example. the product is well-known, accepted or estimated price of significantly different, maybe because of a system failure price of HUF "0" or "1" to the HUF, the Service Provider no obligation to deliver erroneous price, but can offer good prices for transport, Knowing which Customer may cancel your purchase intention.
In case of wrong price case, there is a striking imbalance between the value of the products and the price indicated what the average consumer is immediately necessary to detect. Pursuant to Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code (CC). The mutual agreement and unanimous expression of the will of the parties is established. If the parties can not agree on contract terms, that it is not the will of the Parties and expressing the unanimous declaration, in case we can not talk validly concluded contract, which fakadnának rights and obligations. Based on this false / incorrect price confirmed orders deemed null and void the contract.
5. How to order
5.1. The user logs in to the webshop to buy items after the registration.
5.2. CVIII 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce services and information society services. consumer under point v) Act ( "Ektv.") § 2 is considered by the user.
5.3. The user sets the desired product purchased, number of items.
5.4. The user puts the basket selected products. The user can view the contents of the shopping cart by clicking the "Add" icon.
5.5. Basket by clicking the "Order" button to assign it.
5.6. The user can select the shipping method, give the receipt address, payment method and billing address.
5.7. Shipping costs:
deliveries to Hungary under the title of HUF 15,000 order value in case of HUF 1490, order value in excess of 15,000 forints free.
In case of non-delivery address in Hungary is free for orders over 150 euro up to EUR 10 order value of € 150.
Attention! The offer finalizing your payment obligation arises!
5.8. Data entry errors Enhancement: The user can move to improve the data entered before the end of the ordering process.
5.9. Once the order is sent by e-mail, the user will receive a confirmation. If this confirmation from the user's order for sending the inside depending on the nature of the services expected timeframe, but no later than 48 hours after the user is not received, the user is exempt from the obligation to tender or contract. The order and its confirmation is considered to be a service provider, or received by the user when it becomes available to it. The service excludes liability for confirmation, if confirmation is not received on time, because the user has entered the wrong email address during registration, or due to the saturation of storage space on your account can not receive messages.
6. The order processing and fulfillment
6.1. Orders are processed on weekdays during working hours is done. is outside the dates indicated in the order is processed as an opportunity to deliver an order if it is made after the end of working hours will be processed the following day. The service provider's customer service confirmed by e-mail, when you complete your order.
6.2. The overall completion date is within 5 business days after the acknowledgment if the provider and the user at the time of performance is not agreed other, the service within specified in the user's notice of the date and time, notice the absence of any obligation within thirty days from the date of the order provider receipt performance under the contract.
6.3. If the service obligation in the contract is not met, because the product specified in the contract are not available, it shall immediately inform the user and the amount paid by the customer immediately, but not later than thirty days to repay. fulfillment of this obligation on the provider does not relieve other consequences of breach of contract.
6.4. The service provider is not responsible for any booklets, due to change specifications without prior notice due to reasons beyond supplier or standing by. The service provider reserves the right to refuse orders already confirmed, in part or in full. Partial execution should take place only after consultation with the users!
7. Right of withdrawal
7.1. Time to exercise the right of withdrawal are open from the date of expire after 14 days from the date on which the user, or its designated third party other than the carrier takes over the product.
7.2. The consumer exercises his right of withdrawal period between the conclusion of the contract date and the date of receipt of the product.
7.3. The cost of returning the product to be borne by the consumer, the business has not taken over the wearing of such costs.
7.4. In case of exercising the right of withdrawal to the user in addition to the expense of returning products other costs not charged, but the provider may demand compensation for damage to property resulting from improper use.
7.5. The consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal
the. In a contract for the provision of the service after the completion of service as a whole, when the company started delivering the consumer's prior express consent of the consumer and noted that following the completion of the Service as a whole loses its right of termination;
b. a product or service in respect of which the price or fee will depend on the possible fluctuation under the control of the money market business, the exercise of the right of withdrawal deadline for;
c. the quality of perishable or short-term storage products;
d. a sealed packaged product in respect of which can not be returned after the resolution of health or hygiene reasons after the surrender;
e. a product in respect of which by their nature are inextricably compound after the surrender of other products;
f. an alcoholic beverage in respect of which the actual value of the control of the company is dependent on market fluctuations, and whose price the parties have agreed in the sales contract is signed, but the execution of the contract will take place only after the thirtieth day after conclusion;
g. In the case of a contract, where the consumer is looking at the express request of the consumer business for the purpose of carrying out urgent repairs or maintenance;
h. sealed packaged voice or video recordings or computer software and selling copies of respect if, after the transfer of the customer opened the package;
i. newspapers, journals and periodicals, with the exclusion of subscription contracts;
j. For contracts concluded at a public auction;
k. In the case of contract provides for accommodation, transportation, car rental, catering or leisure services related to when the performance deadline or time limit specified in the contract except for residential purpose ended up;
l. digital data content to the non-tangible media with regard to when the company started the consumer's prior express consent of the performance and the consumer this consent at the same time expressed its involvement to note that after the commencement of the performance loses his right of withdrawal.
7.6. The service immediately after the return of the product within the meaning of that legislation, but not later than 14 days will reimburse the amount paid to the user, including the delivery of the product to the customer award.
8.8. The refund in the original form of payment transactions used the same method of payment used, unless other means of payment User expressly gives consent; For the application of this method refund User any additional costs not charged.
7.7. The user is required 14 days from the notification of the goods without undue delay, but it's withdrawal from the contract with the service provider referred to it in no way to send or deliver a service at later.
7.8. In case of cancellation in writing consumer sufficient statement sent by the withdrawal within 14 days.
7.9. The user can observe the time limit if the returns or transfers the product (s) and this happens before the expiry of a period of 14 days.
7:10. The consumer shall only the direct cost of returning the product, unless the business has agreed to bear the cost of this.
7.11. The user will only be liable for diminished value of the commodities that occurred when the goods is due to the nature, characteristics and functioning to determine the need altogether different treatment.
7.12. The refund of the service provider as long withhold until you have received the product (s) or the user has not provided evidence to the effect that they are sent back: whichever is the earlier date should be taken into account.
7.13. If the user wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal, an indication of the service provider's contact information can do so in one writing (including the attached sheet), or by phone. Marking the occasion in writing by post is considered the date of posting, signal indicator on your phone and on the occasion of the phone. It recommended for receiving signals in the signal recorded delivery post, as a package with the service provider. The product ordered by mail, courier service or help to return the user to the service provider.
7.14. The user must take care especially intended use of the product, as compensation for damages resulting from improper use of the user!
Within fourteen days of the return of the product specified by the user's bank account reimburses the provider of the product purchase price and the buyer of delivery of the award.
7.15. The detailed rules concerning contracts between consumers and businesses 45/2014. Government Decree. (II.26.) is available here.
7.16. Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament and the Council is available here.
7.17. User's other complaint is the service provider to locate contacts contained in these Rules.
8. Warranty, Warranty
8.1. The company is a provider of products covered by mandatory year warranty warranty applies. In case of non-warranty products which are subject to mandatory service in the warrant may be undertaken by the manufacturer for a period and conditions. The latter specific conditions of the service provides detailed information requested by the customer.
8.2. within six months after purchase service can only be exempted from the guarantee if he proves that the product failure occurred after the transfer to the consumer. Thus, the operator is not obliged to grant a complaint if sufficient evidence showing that the product has become defective due to improper use. Six months after the execution, however, it is the consumer side of the onus of proof, that in case of dispute, the user must prove that the defect existed at the date of settlement. There is no non-conformity where the product errors are known or been aware of the customer.
8.3. enforce the guarantee is entitled to the user during the two-year limitation period from the date of completion. If the user needs can be saved from not enforce, particularly if it is the fault of nature or the nature of things was not recognizable within the above period of three years from the closing date of enforcement of warranties of performance date.
8.4. The warranty respectively. during the warranty period incurred, and warranty. defects covered by the warranty provider, free of charge should be repaired, replaced or newly provide. If such a user becomes aware of errors, the user is obliged to immediately notify in writing the provider of warranty and warranty needs.
8.5. The warranty respectively. warranties to validate the user must present an invoice or warranty card from the service provider. In case of a warranty claim primarily to the user correction or replacement may demand, then the price will be entitled to a claim or right of withdrawal. The error indicated considered a warranty or in case of objection within two months of the discovery. expiration time, they said. responsibility for any damage resulting from the delay of the user responsible. In addition, attached to the product warranty card can contain warranty or guarantee terms.
8.6. The service does not fall under warranty or a warranty from the normal wear and tear as well as damages incurred after the transfer of risk is faulty or negligent treatment, excessive use or exposure other than the one specified reason or other improper use of the products have been generated.
8.7. What may be the user's kellékszavatossági right?
In case of defective performance of the company operating the webshop users against the undertaking kellékszavatossági of exercise, according to the rules of the Civil Code.
8.8. What rights does the user based on the needs kellékszavatossági?
The user - the choice - the following kellékszavatossági needs may: request a repair or replacement unless they meet the needs of these are chosen by the user would be impossible or disproportionate compared to other businesses need to fulfill additional cost. If the repair or the replacement has not requested or sought, it may require delivery of proportionality or the issue of remuneration at the expense of the enterprise user can correct or corrected or else - ultimately - it may withdraw from the contract. Choosing the right kellékszavatossági also revert to another, but the cost of switching users bear unless it was justified, or that the company has given rise.
8.9. What period of time kellékszavatossági validate the user's needs?
The user needs to the problem immediately, but not later than the failure to communicate, within two months from discovery after the discovery. However, please note that the two-year limitation period from the date of completion of the contract is no longer assert its rights over kellékszavatossági.
8:10. Kellékszavatossági assert its claim against whom?
The user can enforce against the undertaking kellékszavatossági demand.
8.11. What other conditions have kellékszavatossági enforce their rights?
kellékszavatossági there is no need to enforce the disclosure of the defect within six months beyond the date of fulfillment of other conditions, if the user confirms that the product or service offered by the company operating the webshop. However, after six months from the date of fulfillment of time users have been required to prove that the user recognized by the defect already existed at the time of the performance as well.
product warranties
8.12. What may be right for the user to the product?
In case of sale of goods (products) to the user's fault - kellékszavatossági or product liability claims shall be enforceable - according to the choice.
8.13. What are my rights based on the user requirements of product?
Product liability claims, the user can request only the defective product repair or replacement.
8.14. What case would constitute a defective product?
A product is defective when it does not meet the quality requirements in force in marketing, or if you do not have properties in the manufacturer's specification.
8:15. What period of time validate the user's product liability claim?
Users can validate the claim of product within two years of the product placed on the market by the manufacturer. After this deadline will lose this right.
8:16. Against whom and what kind of product demand enforce other condition?
Product liability claim may only be exercised against the sale of goods manufacturer or dealer. In case of failure of product validation of the product, the user needs to prove.
8.17. The manufacturer (distributor) which is exempt from product liability case?
The manufacturer (distributor) will be exempt from product liability only if it can demonstrate that:
- Manufactured products among non-business activities, or placed on the market or
- The failure of science and art at the time of the offering was not recognizable or
- Failure of the product resulting from legislation or binding official regulations implementing it.
The manufacturer (distributor) the exemption is sufficient to prove a reason.
Note that the same error kellékszavatossági of product demand and at the same time, in parallel can not be enforced. However, for the effective enforcement of product demand kellékszavatossági demand for the product replaced or repaired parts enforceable against the manufacturer.
8:18. What may be the user's right to a warranty?
In case of faulty performance of the statutory guarantees of durable consumer goods on 151/2003. under Regulation (IX. 22.) Government. undertaking that operates a webshop warranty obligation.
8.19. Used are based on warranty within your rights and what period of time?
The warranty period is one year. consumer goods for the consumer to transfer the warranty date, or if the installation done by the dealer or his representative, the date of commissioning begins.
8:20. When a business is exempt from the warranty obligations?
The company from warranty obligations shall only be exempted if it can prove that the defect occurred after the performance. Note that the same error kellékszavatossági and warranty claims, product liability and warranty claims and at the same time, in parallel can not be enforced, otherwise the user to turn the rights arising from this warranty shall enjoy whatever privileges, as described in the product and kellékszavatosság chapters.
8.21. The service does not fall under warranty or a warranty from the normal wear and tear as well as damages incurred after the transfer of risk is faulty or negligent treatment, excessive use or exposure other than the one specified reason or other improper use of the products have been generated.
9. In the event of warranty claims procedure
9.1. The contract between the consumer and the business agreement between the parties to the detriment of the consumer provisions of the regulation can not deviate from.
9.2. The consumer is obliged to prove the conclusion of the contract (invoice, receipt or even).
9.3. Costs related to warranty obligations will be charged to the provider (§ 6. § 166th).
9.4. The company notified him of consumer warranty or guarantee claim to the Protocol is required to pick up.
9.5. copy of the report shall be made available to the consumer without delay and in a verifiable way.
9.6. If your business is a consumer warranty or guarantee requirements feasibility it will be the announcement of can not comment on its position - in case of rejection of the request of the grounds for refusal of the conciliation body turning on the possibility of - within five working days, verifiable way obliged to inform the consumer.
9.7. The company is obliged to report to three years after the recording of the preserve, and present it at the request of the control authority.
9.8. The firm must make an effort to carry out the repair or replacement within a maximum period of fifteen days
10. Miscellaneous Provisions
10.1. The obligation to fulfill the contributor is entitled to be. This unlawful conduct full responsibility, as if the illegal conduct itself had committed.
10.2. If any part of these regulations invalid, jogtalanná or unenforceable, the remaining parts of the validity, legality and enforceability are not affected.
10.3. If the right provider is entitled under the Regulations does not exercise, exercising is not considered a failure for a particular waiver. Any right of cancellation is only valid when the express written statement to that effect. The fact that the provider once the regulations are not strictly stick to an essential condition, or moor does not mean that it renounces to later insist on the particular terms or conditions to the strict observance.
10.4. The service provider and the user is trying to resolve their disputes amicably settle.

11 Complaints Handling Policy
11.1. Nailmail The goal is to make you happy all the products ordered by the purchaser. If the user does have some complaints about the contract or the performance of such complaint to the above e-mail address, or it may be communicated by letter.
11.2. The service verbal complaint immediately investigate and remedy if necessary. If the customer does not agree with the handling of complaints, the service of the complaint and the related position immediately draw up minutes in, and hand over a copy to the customer. If a complaint is not immediately possible, the service provider shall make a record of the complaint and a copy to hand over to the customer.
11.3. The written complaint to the webstore respond in writing within 30 days. The reasons for rejecting the complainant's position. A copy of the reply retained for 5 years, and presents it to the control authorities at their request.
11.4. Informative, in the event of rejection of the complaint process for complaints by administrative or arbitration board may initiate the contacts provided below.
11.5. Complain to the National Authority for Consumer Protection also:
Szabolcs-Moson-Sopron County Government Office
Technology Licensing and Consumer Protection Division, Department of Consumer Protection
Deputy Head of Department: dr. Bako Zsolt
Address: 4400, Hatzel Square 10th
Address: 4400, Hatzel Square 10th
Phone: +36 42,500,694, Fax: +36 42,504,398
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Customer service:
Monday to Thursday 8:00 to 16:30
Friday 8:00 to 14:00
11.6. The service provider can use the arbitration board procedure for the settlement of consumer disputes.
The list of territorial bodies of the National Authority for Consumer Protection can be found here:
11.7. In case you have a complaint conciliation body to turn to the possibility that contact information can be found here:
Szabolcs-Moson-Sopron County Arbitration Board
Address: 4400, Széchenyi u. Second
Phone: (42) 311-544, (42) 420-180
Fax number: (42) 311-750
Name: Dr. Görömbeiné. Catherine Balmaz
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
11.1. The jurisdiction of the arbitration board to settle consumer disputes outside of court. The arbitration board is responsible for trying to make arrangements for the settlement of consumer disputes between the parties, if this is unsuccessful, the case make a decision in order to ensure easy, fast, efficient and cost-effective enforcement of consumer rights. The arbitration board shall, at the request of the consumer or the provider's advice on the obligations imposed on consumers' rights and the consumer.
11.2. competent in cross-linked to online sales or online service agreement-border consumer disputes exclusively attached to the capital's commercial and industrial chambers of the arbitration board procedure.
11.3. The service provider is bound obligation to cooperate in the proceedings, arbitration board. Within this framework, it must send a válasziratát the arbitration board for the hearing and ensure the participation of persons authorized settlements established on the market. If the registered office or place of business is registered in the county in accordance with territorial jurisdiction over the arbitration board is not operating chamber, the obligation of cooperation of the company in accordance with customer demand for a written binding agreement possibility of offering cover.
12. Copyrights
12.1. download content or any portion thereof (reproduction), re-broadcasting to the public, otherwise use, electronic storage, processing and sales without the written consent of the provider is prohibited to appear nailmail.hu website.
12.2. The nailmail.hu website and its database of any material can be taken over only with the written consent is the case here by reference.
12.3. The service provider reserves all rights to all the elements of the service, domain names, those skilled in the secondary domain names and Internet advertising surfaces.
12.4. Nailmail.hu forbidden to website content, or adaptation or decrypting certain parts of unfairly establishment of user IDs and passwords, use any application that enables nailmail.hu website or any portion thereof may be modified or indexed.
14. Privacy Policy
The portal, data from users in treatment using the site complies with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. The shop operator confidentially and secretly manages the billing and shipping information does not provide, just use the web to function. The customer data store for performance of the contract and the terms of the contract in the future to prove, but they are not passed on to commercial use for any other purpose - in the absence of explicit consent of the customer - are not eligible.
The purchaser expressly prohibiting any provision of permissible given at registration and postal address. Send e-mail information about promotions and news.
The relevant laws: the 1992 LXIII. Law and the Protection of Information of Public Interest Disclosure of personal data; 1998 VI. During Protection Act of individuals' personal data processing machine; 2001 XL. Law on Telecommunications; 2001 CVIII. Law on Electronic Commerce, as well as certain aspects of information society services.
We are handling data, the information is kept for 10 years.
damages resulting from the use of passwords used by the portal when using transfer or any unauthorized person liable for the owner of the password.
All data, information and site design that are on the site and the web shop is located in the structure of the page, it appears in the site's operator, is the exclusive property of the owner. without the contribution of these elements Assignment legal consequences of infringement of the copyright act.
The issues not regulated by these terms and conditions, as well as the legal relationship between the parties CVIII 2001 of the Civil Code, the e-commerce services. Law 45/2014 on distance contracts concluded between. (II. 26.) Government. The provisions of the Regulation shall apply.
The Contracting Parties shall do everything possible to ensure that any contentious questions through negotiations, peaceful settlement. If a negotiated solution has not been possible to resolve the dispute, the Nyíregyháza Court (Address: 4401 Nyíregyháza, PO Box 86, Address:. 4400, Bocskai út 2, phone: + 36-42 / 523-800, Fax: + 36-42 / 410-039 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) settled.
Nyíregyháza, 22 September 2016.
Cancellation / Termination model declaration

(Just fill it out and return it in case of cancellation / termination intent of the contract)

To: Nailmail.hu, Ruzsilla Arabella individual entrepreneurs
Address: 4400, May 1 Square 13/4.
Phone: 06-30-820-65-17
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The undersigned / We declare / declare that I practice / exercise of withdrawal / cancellation my right / our right to the following Product / s contracts for sales of goods or the provision of services in respect of the following: 1

Date of Date of contract / receipt: 2

The name of the customer (s):

Address of consumer (s):

Signature of consumer (s):
(For statements made on paper)

designation of the product or service is required here for one subject of the contract
2. The correct expression describing


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